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Does vaniqa work?

Facial hair is a common problem for post menopausal women, suffers of PCOS and some other conditions as well. Are you frustrated by spending hours removing facial hair every day only to have it grow back way to quickly? If you said yes to that question you may want to consider using Vaniqa. If you are wondering does Vaniqa work? Keep reading and decide if it sounds like its right for you.

What is Vaniqa?

Vaniqa (also known as Elfora cream) is an FDA approved topical prescription hair growth inhibitor. It will not remove hair like a depilatory. It is used to reduce the amount of time it will take for the hair to grow back. It is intended to be used alongside another hair removal method. It works by blocking an enzyme in the hair follicle that is responsible for hair growth.
The goal is to decrease the amount of time you spend removing hair and more time between treatments.

How do I use it?

Wash and dry your face. Apply Vaniqa to areas of unwanted facial hair and rub in like a moisturizer. Apply it twice per day. The best times are when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

Are there any side effects?

Vaniqa is relatively safe but some users have reported having problems with skin irritation. Complaints include dryness, acne and temporary itching, burning at rash at the application site. If you are allergic to parabens this cream is definitely not for you.

How long will it take to see results?

This definitely requires patience and is not a quick fix. It can take as long as 2 months to see results. Any successful results are not permanent. If you stop using it your facial hair will go back same growth time as before you started using the cream.


Anything else I should know?

The biggest drawback of using Vaniqa is the price. This stuff is expensive, It is available in 2 sizes. The smaller 30 gram tube costs between $77-$80. The larger 45 gram tube costs between $160 and $200.

My insurance here in the US refused to co pay for this claiming it was a vanity issue. Who ever made that decision clearly does not have this problem and does not know what its like to deal with this issue every day. Hopefully that will start to change. Being a woman with noticeable facial hair growth can cause anxiety and psychological issues.

Does this stuff work?

So this is the number one question that most of you want to know. The disappointing answer is maybe. Fifty percent of women that have used Vaniqa as prescribed voiced that they were happy with the results. The other fifty percent said it did not do anything for them.
Have you used Vaniqa?
Where you happy with the results or was it a waste of money?

Speaking of money, did your insurance help pay for it?

Leave any of these answers and any or questions you might have in the comments below.

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  1. Natalie says:

    So I’ve had my doctor put me on a few different medications in order to help my hair growth, nothing has worked for me. I’ve always been curious about vaniqa, but my doctor doubts I’m a good fit for it since my hair isn’t dark, even though its extremely coarse. I’d like to hear more opinions about this for sure. Thank you for exploring these options for women with PCOS, it means a lot to me personally.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Natalie,

      I am sorry to hear that medications have not worked well for you. Have you tried any natural supplements to see if them make a difference? Here are a few that might help Anti-androgen supplements to reduce excessive body and facial hair

  2. Jerry says:

    You have given here a very honest review on if vaniqa works. The price seems indeed a bit hefty, are you sure you have got the price of the 45 gram tube right? You have 50% more contents, but have to pay double the price or more to the 30 gram one? How long can you do with a tube of 45 grams?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Jerry,

      Those are the prices I was quoted when I was prescribed Vaniqa. and my insurance would not pay for it.The 45 gram tube lasts approx 3 months if you use it sparingly.

  3. I Didn't Understand Much of the Page Content says:

    I feel for any woman that has noticeable facial hair. This definitely should be something insurance will cover. Do they cover the medications? If so, why not these treatments? I started reading because I thought it might help with having to shave underarms and legs, but this would be way too expensive for that purpose.

    Great information!

    Wishing you health, love, joy and happiness AND Best wishes on your online success!


    1. admin says:

      Hi Tammy,

      Most (if not all) insurance companies in the USA will not pay for Vaniqa because excess facial hair is women does not cause physical harm to the body. they don’t take into the account the psychological issues it can cause,They consider it a vanity issue.Hopefully that will change someday. When I was in my twenties back in the 90 s most US health insurance wouldn’t pay for oral contraceptives either,which made no sense. Thankfully that finally changed and they started paying for it.

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