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Shaving With an Electric Razor,What You Need to Know

Electric razors can be a great option if you need to shave in a hurry. It allows you to shave without worrying about nicks, cuts. That being said, there still is a chance of irritation, but there are ways to prevent it. A charged electric razor can be used anywhere and you won’t have the hassle of constantly buying cartridges and blades. In this article, I will be discussing what you need to look for when buying one, as well as tips for shaving with an electric razor, what you need to know.

Types of electric razors

There are 2 types of electric razors:

1. The foil kind.

A foil shaver has 3-4 sharp blades located underneath a layer of foil. The blades rotate from side to side, removing the hair by lifting it from the skin and cutting it. Shave with short strokes, while applying light pressure in the direction of the hair growth.

The foil will need to be replaced every 1 -2 years depending on how coarse the hair is If you find that you need to press harder or suddenly start to experience irritation, these are both signs that you need to change the foil.  A foil razor is designed to cut hair at any angle, so one pass is all that is usually needed. This type of razor tends to be loud if that is a concern for you.


2. The rotary razor.

This razor has 3 rotating blades that cut the hair in a circular motion. Rotary razors do not usually shave as close as foil razors, but tend to be better for maneuvering around the face and body contours. Shaving in a circular, overlapping motion works best for this type of razor. The blades should be replaced one time per year.



What to look for when buying an electric razor

1. A cooling system

The first thing to look for in a quality electric razor is going to be a cooling system. Different companies are going to call it different things, but this should be an active cooling system so that when you put the electric razor
up against the skin, it actually cools down the skin. Now, this has not shown to actually reduce the redness, but it has been shown to reduce irritation


2. It adapts to the contours of your face

The second thing you’re looking for in an electric razor is one that will adapt to the contours of your face and body.
Why is this important? Because you don’t want to go over the same spot multiple times. Whenever you can’t get in and around the corners, you just keep going up and down several times. This what frequently causes irritation. So, you want something that actually is going to adapt to the shape and be able to get in and around the contours, removing all the hair on the first or second pass.

3. It can be used wet or dry.

Buy an electric razor that gives you both the option of a wet and a dry shave. One of the advantages of an electric razor is the ability to use it with no product needed. That being said, wet shaving will give you a smoother shave and cause less irritation than dry shaving. For a wet shave, you will be using a shaving cream. You will want to use just a little bit of shaving cream lots of water. You don’t you don’t want to use something really heavy.

The reason for this is that you want to be able to easily clean the shaving cream from the razor. If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your electric razor manually, some razors such as the Phillips Norelco 8900 with smart clean comes with an automatic cleaning device

Shaving Tips

  • Take a warm bath or shower prior to shaving. This will open up your pores.
  • Cleanse your skin before you start.
  • Hold your razor with one hand and pull the skin you are shaving tight with your other hand. This will give you a closer shave.
  • Always moisturize after shaving. to prevent dryness and irritation.
  • Clean your razor after every use to maintain its effectiveness.
  • It may take your skin a few weeks to adapt to using an electric razor, so don’t give up on it to early.


A good quality electric razor is not cheap, but it will save you money over time. When they are maintained properly they will last for years. This type of product falls under the ” you get what you pay for category” so choose wisely.


Do you like shaving with an electric razor? which one do you use and why do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.






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  1. RN Didi says:

    Great article about electric razors. You’re making me consider buying one. For some reason, I’ve always thought they were only for men. But it does make sense to shave my legs with one I guess.

    I wouldn’t shave my sideburns with an electric razor though. But I’m still curious: would you recommend using an electric shaving razor for women with facial hair?

    Thanks for your reply!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Didi,

      They actually do make electric shavers that are marketed to women. Most of them are foil razors,I have seen a couple rotary ones. I dont think there is any difference between electric razors for women vs men other than the marketing.

      Most women probably would not like it for their face. Like any other type of razor, it does not remove hair from the roots, so will have to do it at least once per day and deal with 5 o clock shadow.

      I like epilators for womens facial hair. It removes hair from the roots doesn’t require much regrowth. Generally,if you can feel the hair an epilator can remove it. Threading is another method that can work well for womens side burns.

  2. Jessica Lauren Vine says:

    What razor would you recommend for a woman with semi-coarse hair? I don’t want to overspend on a razor because I am getting one that needs to stand up to the toughness of men’s hair. lol I am not an expert in this area at all and would like some help. I’ve never thought about using an electric razor, but it sounds a lot safer and easier.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Jessica, Here is a link to  review for a razor that works well for women that do not have course hair. Parasonic Close Curves wet/dry ladies shaver review It is very affordable.

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